Hasta la Vista, HSLU!

9. July 2020 • Thi Viet My Pham

Hasta la Vista, HSLU!

9. July 2020 • Thi Viet My Pham

Hasta la Vista, HSLU!

Another year, another class, and another Anigrill!!

But before we delve into details about how fun the barbecue was, lets congratulate the third year students first!!

My dear ex-classmates and former almost-friends, as your fellow ex-classmate, I congratulate all of you who have graduated and also all of you who almost graduated! Not only did you make it out alive, you even did so with much elan and elegance that I have no doubt you all will continue being badasses in the future and kick away all the lemons or whatever that life throws at you with easiness.

Be proud of what you have accomplished until now and be excited of what you are going to do from now on. And if you ever come across a job you don’t wanna take, just remember that one ex classmate…

Lets also congratulate the second and first year who have safely passed this not so ordinary school year and wish them a fun and relaxing Summer holiday so they will tackle the new school year with new motivation and energy.

As a last Farwell to the third year students, it is a tradition in our department to have a grilling time together at the end of each school year, which we dearly call Anigrill.

The get-together also serves for the teachers and other students to see each other one last time before everyone part for their Summer holiday.

So when words got out the barbecue got canceled, everyone got sad. It just doesn’t feel right to end the year without our special Anigrill.

However! Our headmaster gave it his all to get permission from the higher up and he got it! Thank you very much Jürgen!

Master of fire: no anigrill is complete without headmaster Jürgen Haas wielding the tongs.

So now that it was certain the anigrill would take place, everyone eagerly prepared in advance salads and dessert to go with the grilled food. And thanks to those efforts it resulted in a deliciously diverse buffet for both vegan and meat lover! Mmmmhhh! En guete! (yes yes, there was little meat but there was still meat)

Let’s not forget the social distancing though! To remind everyone of the social distancing, the Ani students taped the ground with distance marking so nobody crossed each other personal space.

We don’t want to help spreading the virus any further.

Jochen Ehmann and Christian Gasser enjoying a refreshing beverage AND meeting hygiene standards at the same time. Cheers, guys!

However! That doesn’t mean we cannot be cheerful.

Because this was the first time since the lockdown where everyone got to see each other in real life instead on a screen, one could see smiles on each students and teachers face.

As expected, the personal contact between human is still the best. No hightech webcam can beat that.

2D-animation legend Jesùs Perez waving goodbye after over 10 years at our school!

Our headmaster also shared the same thought which he expressed in his speech.

One could say the highlight of the day was Jürgen giving a speech.

He usually has a resting grim face, but he can be really cute sometimes. That sometimes is when he gives a speech.

Besides thanking everyone, he also encouraged the students to help each other.

But what am I saying, who expresses his thought better than the man himself?? So let’s watch it!

Last but not least, a big big thanks to aaaall the teachers and assistants who made it possible for us students to safely pass this school year. Thank you all. Have a nice Summer and stay animated!!!