Kükenfest 2021

28. September 2021 • Caroline Laville

Kükenfest 2021

28. September 2021 • Caroline Laville

Kükenfest 2021

It’s that time of year again:

On Wednesday, 22 September 2021 at 6pm, the new first year students marched from our in-house cinema (where they watched “Despicable Me”, as tradition demands) to the outdoor party, accompanied by the Imperial March Music. This is our yearly Kükenfest (translated directly: baby chicken festival!)

The brisk evening began with a short speech by our head of studies, Jürgen Haas, followed by a speed-dating round, where the first years and second years had 20 seconds to introduce themselves to each other.

Welcome gifts

The welcome gifts this year were a beautiful “Bergli” pin and a T-Shirt with a print of the 2021 Bachelor Film “Manchmal weiss ich nicht wo die Sonne” by Samantha Aquilino. The “Küken” then pulled the names of their godmother or godfather out of a construction hat.

Easter Egg Hunt

The game of the evening was a character design competition based on easteregg hunt. The Apéroverein (a kick-butt group of students keen on organizing parties in the department) hid 35 eggs filled with fun facts and “easter eggs” about the school and animation in general. Six groups were formed where the godmothers/-fathers and their “Küken” would search for those eggs together. After ten minutes of searching for as many eggs as they could the groups came together again. They then had to create a character design with all the fun facts that they found.

Finally, in the darkness and with many phone flashlights to help light the scene, every group presented their character designs.

The members of the Apéroverein who are in the 3rd year had the honour of judging the six character designs and gave out 6 Jürgen-approved-awards. All the creations are now hanging in the 1st years’ common space.


From then on, the official part of the evening was done but the party had only just begun. With Jane Mumford as the grill master (without her we would have starved since the fire wouldn’t start until she showed up). Food was served and music was played. Everybody talked, laughed, and at 10 pm started to dance.

We warmly welcome all students of 2021 and hope that they will enjoy their stay at the Animation Department of Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst!